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Truthfully, I only watched the miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice for the first time a week ago!  I never thought I would prefer Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, but I most certainly do!  However I'm still in love with the Mr. Bingley of the 2005 version.

Friends Only from now on...

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Coyotes are one of my favorite animals.  We've had some hanging out in the woods on our street for a while now but I have yet to see any or hear them.  Unfortunately some of my neighbors are not so friendly towards the animals.  One guy even lured a coyote into his yard with the cries of a puppy and then shot him.  Hardly fair, and completely atrocious.  I understand that people want to protect their children and small pets but there's really no need for violence, people should just be a little more careful.  My town has become so built up over the last five years that I've lived here...the wildlife has to go somewhere.  I can't wait until I can move somewhere in the country. 

It seems like the boundaries between civilization and wildlife have been blurring this winter.  We had a flock of turkeys in my yard and two deer as well in the last couple weeks. 
"For tonight, it was just the two of us, Marley and me.  Lying there with him, his smelly breath in my face, I couldn't help thinking of our first night together all those years ago after I brought him home from the breeder, a tiny puppy whimpering for his mother.  I remembered how I dragged his box into the bedroom and the way we had fallen asleep together, my arm dangling over the side of the bed to comfort him.  Thirteen years later, here we were, still inseparable.  I thought about his puppyhood and adolescence, about the shredded couches and eaten mattresses, about the wild walks along the Intracoastal and the cheek-to-jowl dances with the stereo blaring.  I thought about the swallowed objects and purloined paychecks and sweet moments of canine-human empathy.  Mostly I thought what a good and loyal companion he had been all these years.  What a trip it had been." -Marley and Me, p. 256

Chocolat! Pour vous!

So, I finished Northanger Abbey today during my break at work.  I enjoyed it immensely, more than Persuasion but not as much as Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice.  Next up in the Jane Austen line are Emma and Sense and Sensibility, although I probably won't be reading those two until the summer, since I have other designs for this winter break.  I started reading Marley and Me today, and since this winter season seems to be dog oriented I bought a book called Merle's Door: Lessons From a Free Thinking Dog.  After that I just might not have time for any other books before next semester starts up, we shall see.

So far my favorite quote from Marley and Me is: "I lay down on the very edge of the mattress, my arm dangling into the box.  There, my hand resting on his side, feeling his rib cage rise and fall with his every breath, we both drifted off to sleep." -P. 22

Of course I haven't gotten too far into the book yet, so I'm sure I'll find more quotes. 

Oh, and Dave and I did end up seeing the Spirit, we liked it despite the bad reviews it recieved.

The real John Grogen and Marley :)

Owen Wilson and yellow puppy

Dave and I especially liked that the Spirit had kitties. (I also liked that he was scantily clad in this scene :) )

*Notice that when words fail me I rely on pictures, heh heh*

Christmas, Marley and Me

Merry Christmas :). My Christmas went pretty well, except for one fight involving my mom and sister I'd say the holiday was a success.   I got the voyager and my step dad got me hundred dollar gift cards to BOTH Barnes and Noble ANNND the FSC bookstore.  I know that I should save the Barnes and Noble one for textbooks but I probably won't.  I should be a Barnes and Noble VIP customer or something because I give them a lot of my money.  Speaking of Barnes and Noble, Dave bought me the John Adams series on DVD but I have to bring it back to Barnes and Noble because it has two disc 2's and no disc 3 :(.  Hopefully we will get around to that this morning, I'm just waiting for him to come by and pick me up.  I'm also thinking about using the money my dad gave me to buy an Ipod nano.
So after all the festivities last night Dave and I went to the movies.  Originally we were going to see The Spirit because we were wary about a sad ending in Marley and Me and Dave kind of had a scarring experience when his dog, Polly, died a few years ago.  But The Spirit didn't start until after 10 o'clock so we took the risk and saw Marley and Me instead.  Well...by the end of the movie pretty much everyone in the theater was crying.  It was pretty horrific, but a good movie.  I think I will probably buy the book with my Barnes and Noble gift card.  I'll read it when I'm finished reading Northanger Abbey.


I am fairly certain that my step dad is getting me a Voyager for Christmas.  If this is the case then I'm so getting this to go with it:

And maybe this one for my darker days...


Winter break!  I need this break so bad, this semester has been so incredibly stressful!!  Never again will I combine Racheotes with Allen--it's a lethal combination!  Well...I'll probably never take either of them again anyway.  It's not that I have anything against them...in fact I think I did really well in Racheotes's class and better than expected in Allen's class, but it is just too much.  Especially in regards to Allen...I do not want to tempt the fates again.  I miraculously did well on my paper for him but I have not developed the hubris to make me think I could do it a second time.  Next semester I'm taking the History of Late Antiquity with Halfond (my super favorite professor!) so I'm really excited about that.  Hopefully next semester will be less stressful than this last one.  It was like I could FEEL the years slipping off the end of life as I stressed over these finals.  But now they are over. -Sigh-
I started reading Northanger Abbey today.  So far I like it a lot.  It's just like they said in the Jane Austen Book Club, it IS a book about writing books.  Also, for some reason I'm imagining the character Tilney as James McAvoy (the actor from Atonement).
Tonight Dave and I are going to Chilis, yummm.  Jillian and her boyfriend might come along as well.


Well, I've reached the point where I don't care anymore...this is bad since I still have to get through finals.  My first one is tomorrow at 9 AM.  I made a study guide but I haven't really done much other than that in the way of studying.  I'm just so ready to be finished with this semester.  It has been sooo stressful!  I can't believe I actually pulled off A's on both my major papers!  I'm planning on submitting the paper I wrote for India in a contest since the professor suggested it.  Despite my success on those papers I feel like this semester has been the worst of my life!  I'm so happy it's almost over, but on the other hand I'm stressed because I haven't done the reading for Modern Science and I'm no where near done studying for India.
I have a list of books I want to read over the vacation.  I'm being ambitious and hoping that I can FINALLY finish Jane Austen's books.  I have Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility and Emma left to read.  I also want to read P.S. I Love You since I watched the movie the other day and cried the whole time it was so good.  I soooo cannot wait for this week to be over.  I don't even care how I do on the finals at this point.


Do you know that my favorite french word is "voiture"?  It means car, but I think it sounds very lovely.  Right now I'm watching the Namesake.  I love this movie, it helps that it's based on my favorite book.  It helps even more that it is a beautiful adaptation of the book.  My favorite part of the movie is at the end when Gogol finds the book that his father gave him in his old bedroom and they flashback to the scene where he and his father walk out on the rocks at the ocean.  My favorite part of the book is the opening scene when Ashima is standing barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen...  If you don't cry at the end of this movie you have no heart.